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How to crochet stitches needed for beanies

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Want to make a basic beanie, but need to know the stitches? Watch this video to learn what stitches are needed. Also learn step by step how to do the stitches. Ever heard of a magic ring? Learn about that in the video as well.

Working in the handcrafted business

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After having worked in the handcrafting business for a little over a year now, I have noticed that this business is very inconsistent. For the first little while you can not rely on Internet sales to maintain your business. You really have to work boutiques and other shows to provide the necessary profits. Working these boutiques gets your name out there and helps people see the quality in person, many times pictures don’t do the product justice.

Even while doing events the traffic and amount of sales is very inconsistent. You are not able to predict what items are going to be best sellers and which items are going to be flops. In September at Salt Lake Comic Conmy Batman beanies were a huge seller, but at FanX I only sold one Batman beanie. On the other hand all my big sellers at FanX were none of the ones that sold well at Comic Con, they were all my new designs. These are great examples of how demand is inconsistent and unpredictable. Also FanX is so much smaller than Comic Con is and I had more traffic and sales at FanX than I had at Comic Con. These are things that I had to learn about the business the hard way, maybe I can help you to know what to expect (or not expect) in the hand crafting business and help you be more prepared in your ventures.

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What’s coming and inspiration from FanX

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If there is one thing I always learn from attending events, especially events like Salt Lake Comic Con, it is that people always want more. No matter what kind of variety I have there are still people that come up asking if I have a style that I have yet to make or have not thought to make. In some ways this is good, while in others it is a bad thing. First off the good side of it: no matter how much of a geek my daughters are, they still can’t know everything that people are going to like. By having these customers come up and ask me for certain characters I can get a good idea of what other people like as well. This will help me expand my inventory and broaden the types of fandoms I sell to. Now to the bad side: normally customers would take a card and order online or make a custom order onsite. However, at Salt Lake Comic Con there was another lady who has a booth that sells crocheted beanies as well. This allows customers who can’t find what they are looking for from me to go over to her booth and see if she has what they are looking for.

There is no consistent demand, the characters that are popular now will not always be popular. When someone asks me for a certain style of beanie I try and make that one for the next event I do. The requests I got while at Salt Lake Comic Con was: Louise’s hat, Daredevil, Dobby, Bearded Beanie, Fez, and an Evil Minion.

Louise Hat
Louise from Bob’s Burgers
Daredevil from the Netflix series
Dobby from Harry Potter
Bearded Beanie
Bearded Beanie
Fez from Doctor Who
Evil Minion
Evil Minion from Despicable Me 2

Since I got an order for the Daredevil one I am definitely going to crochet that one. I will also be making a Dobby one, my daughter has been trying to convince me to make one for the past year and since I have now been asked for one, I will crochet it. I am also going to make the Evil Minion because Minions are really popular and well, I just love Minions! As for the crocheted bearded beanie and the fez hat I am not sure if I will make them. I would like to crochet the bearded beanie, but it is difficult to know the size of the face to know how far down the beard needs to start and how big the hole needs to be for the face. I might think about the fez, it seems like an interesting thing to make, but I am not sure how it would turn out. For about a year my daughter has been asking me to make her a Harry Potter blanket and I may be able to start working on that.

I also have a huge list of to do that my family says I should make. There are also a whole lot on that list that I want to make. I really want to make a Mermaid tail, because that is something unique and different I have found pictures of it on Facebook, Pinterest, and other places online, but I have yet to find someone who is selling one. This is something that many little girls will want, not only because most little girls love mermaids, but because it also gives them the chance to dress up like Princess Ariel and ever girl wants to dress up as a princess.
Mermaid Tail - Copy

Another item I want to make is a crocheted hobo bag. It is another thing that is different than what other people make. They would also be geeky/nerdy themed, my daughter and I have had a very difficult time find bags with a geeky/nerdy theme. The only place that you can find bags like that is at Hot Topic and even there they have a very limited selection of the types of bags you can buy. Hobo Bag

Another thing I would like to make is some geeky/nerdy diaper covers. Geeks grow up and pass the obsession onto their kids. When they do have kids they need some way to help the parents express their fandom. Baby clothes are limited in fandoms, the only ones they really have are Batman and Superman. This would help more parents express their fandoms through their kids.Diaper Cover

Now that Comic Con is over I can talk a little break. I have to make the custom orders I received at Comic Con, but after that I can breath easy for about a week. This is the time for me to start making new designs and coming up with new ideas. So I am going to ask you guys: What beanie do you think I should crochet next? Not only do I want to know what beanie to crochet next, but I also want to know what item I should make next.

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How to complete a costume with a crocheted beanie

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Not only are these beanies cute and amazing, but they don’t have to just be worn to keep your head warm or as an everyday beanie. These beanies are also great to help complete a costume. I originally thought that these beanies I No Maskcrocheted would be great for geeks to show off or represent their fandom. As Halloween started to approach last year I realized these crocheted beanies
could be used for more. First off this is a new unique way for kids or adults dressing up to finish up their costume for either Halloween or any other event where they would dress up, such as Comic Con. Second, kids always want to dress up for Halloween and they schools always have a Halloween party or parade for the kids to show off their costumes. The only problem with this is that kids are not allowed to wear masks at school. What a better substitute for a mask than a handmade crocheted beanie?


pikachu(2)Instead of a kid dressing as Iron Man and going to school without a mask, the kid could get a crocheted Iron Man beanie that looks exactly like Iron Man’s mask, but it doesn’t cover the face. A couple of the beanies I have that would be great to replace masks or are my Princess beanies I have, which are Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Elsa, and Anna. Other ones that would be great replacements are my Iron Man beanie, Creeper beanie, Unicorn beanie, Hulk beanie, Elmo beanie, Jayne Hat, Mickey/Minnie Mouse beanies, Minion beanie, Scooby-Doo beanie, Thor beanie, My Little Pony beanie, Deadpool beanie, and Pikachu beanie. All of these beanies would be a great was to replace scratchy wigs or hot a sweaty mask that are hard to see through. You also get the great advantage of being able to wear the beanie any time outside of dressing up.


Another example is a little boy I made a crocheted Yoda beanie for. He was
dressing up as Yoda for Halloween and his mom had been looking around for a set of Yoda ears for him to wear. She finally found a pair that didn’t look tooYoda 2 cheesy and ordered the online. When she got them she tried them on her son. The ears were too lose on his head and there was a chin strap to help keep the ears on. While he was wearing the ears he kept playing with the chin strap and tried to pull it off. At this time I had not crocheted a Yoda beanie yet. She thought of me and asked me if I would be able to crochet a Yoda beanie for her son. That was a design that was already on my list of to    do beanies and her asking for one just sped up the process.

Mike Wazowski

Around this same time I had another lady ask me if I could crochet her a Mike Wazowski beanie for her daughter. Her daughter and all of her daughters friends were dressing up as characters from Monsters Inc for Halloween. When she found out that I had already crocheted a Mike Wazowski beanie she wanted one for her daughter to help complete her costume. She ordered it because she thought her daughter would want it. When we delivered it to her she told us her daughter was so excited and couldn’t wait to try it one with her costume. I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the customers wearing the beanies, but I can just imagine how perfect they were for their costumes.


This last one, was the most recent costume beanie I have crocheted. When I made it though I didn’tSnow White Costume 5 know it was for a costume. This was my first Etsy order and I was so excited. It was also a surprise of which one she purchased,
it was a Snow White crocheted beanie. This was one of the beanies that didn’t have that much demand online or at Salt Lake Comic Con. After I made it and sent it to her I made sure she had recieved it and what she thought of the beanie. She messaged back telling me that she loved it, she even included pictures of her wearing the beanie. She had purchased it to wear with her Snow White outfit on a trip to Disneyland. Her costume would have been fine without the beanie, but with the beanie it just completed the costume. She said she got a ton of complements on it when she wore it and getting a ton of complements from people at Disneyland about something Disney is a huge complement in my book.

Snow White Costume 2 Snow White Costume 3

Snow White Costume 4 Snow White Costume


To purchase any of these items go to my Etsy site or click on the photos above.

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Having fun at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience

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This past weekend I attended Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience. I had such an amazing time. The main reason why I was there was to obviously run my booth and sell items; however I was also super excited to be able to meet Norman Reedus. I am a huge Walking Dead fan, especially a Daryl Dixon fan. My family and I was set to meet him and get our picture taken with him. To our dismay he cancelled on Wednesday, which crushed my dreams of getting to meet him (at least for now). This meant that I was just going to sit at my booth all weekend and people watch, which is the next best thing.

From experience from the last Salt Lake Comic Con (SLCC) and from my daughters attending every event, we didn’t expect Thursday to be that great of a day for sales. To our great surprise we doubled our sales from SLCC 15’s Thursday. As the weekend progressed our sales started to increase. This was really shocking to us considering FanX is so much smaller than SLCC and I made about a third more than I did at SLCC. I was so excited with how well I did and with how much traffic I received. What was even more amazing and really made my weekend is when people who purchased items at SLCC stopped by to look at the new items I had. I even had a guy I crocheted a custom Minion beanie with ear flaps come back by and order another one made from wool.

Minion with Blue 3

The first SLCC I attended, not many people wanted to custom order products, but this time I got more custom orders. There was also a guy who stopped by asking if I would be able to knit chain mail for him for the Shakespearean Festival. He had all the supplies and patterns, he just needed someone to knit it for him. Since I don’t knit I told him I would take a look at it and do some research. I found crocheted chain mail patterns, but it wouldn’t work for him. I may not have been able to help him on this project, but he knows who I am now and may come to me for other projects.

Another custom order I received at FanX was a Daredevil beanie, he even was cosplaying as Daredevil at FanX. I realized this was going to be an easy beanie to crochet, just a red beanie with horns on it. But what kind of red was I going to use. Upon closer research of the Daredevil character I realized that the comic book character’s suit was a brighter red than the Netflix series’s Daredevil’s suit, which is a darker red, almost a maroon. I figured the guy who ordered the beanie wanted the Netflix Daredevil, but I just had to make sure, he did want the Netflix Daredevil.


Not only was I successful in selling my product, but I got to see a lot of cool people walking past my booth. First off I saw one of my customers from Salt Lake Comic Con walk by while wearing my product. It is such a great feeling seeing my customers wearing the items they purchase, especially 6 months later! I was also able to see customers trying on the crocheted beanies before they purchased them and one of my customers let me snap a picture which is posted below.

I also saw an attendee cosplaying as a female Dreed. That is one of the things that I find amazing about Comic Con, is that people feel comfortable being themselves and dressing up any way they fill like. If a woman wants to cosplay as Rick from walking dead or if a man wants to cosplay as Princess Leia, no one is going to stop them and they will probably be very popular at the event.20160324_144503

I saw a couple of guys cosplaying as Mike Meyers from Halloween and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. Another great part of Comic Con is that no matter what your cosplay looks like, people still respect the fact that you tried to make a costume. These two costumes did not look like they were purchased, they were made and they were original.

Probably the cutest cosplay I saw was of River Song from Doctor Who. I was the cutest little girl cosplaying as River Song. At first when I saw her I thought she was a cute little cabbage patch doll, but once her mom handed her her sonic screwdriver I knew who she was supposed to be and she was so cute!

Another thing I saw, although it was not a cosplay, was a tattoo of the Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter. I saw this and I knew I had to take a picture of it to show to my daughter, because she is the biggest Harry Potter an I know.

To purchase any of these items go to my Etsy site or click on the photos above.

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Super Mario Smash Bros Beanie Returns

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Super Mario



Super Mario Smash BrosBack in November I had a customer at my full time job come in and notice that I was crocheting. She asked me about what I was crocheting and I told her a beanie. I can’t remember exactly what beanie I was crocheting at the time, but I was crocheting. I told her that I make custom beanies as well. At this point she got so excited and asked me if I could crochet a beanie with the Super Mario Smash Bros logo on it. I had no clue what she was talking about and she had to show me a picture. After I saw the picture I knew it would be a breeze to make. Not only did she want the beanie, but she also wanted the beanie to have ear flaps on it, this was going to be a piece of cake to make. I went through and crocheted the basic black beanie to begin. After I was done with that I decided to look at other crocheted Super Mario Smash Bros beanies to see what they did. If you can’t tell I usually don’t like the ones I find online, but I take the concept and change what I don’t like to something that I would like. Anyway I decided I was going to crochet a huge red circle and add the black lines on with felt. The next thing I had to do was to add the ear flaps, these are super easy to make and after crocheting the first beanie with ear flaps and knowing where exactly to put the ear flaps on the beanie, there is no struggle at all. After I placed it all together I fell in love with it and knew that this was going to be a great finished project. Once I was finished with the beanie I took it into work so I could show her the finished product. When she finally came in I showed it to her and she squealed with joy, she knew that her son was going to love it. She loved the beanie so much she paid me more than I was asking, even after I tried to decline she insisted and I reluctantly accepted.

Captain Falcon

She is a regular at my other job, so every time she would come in I would have to ask her if her son liked it. She kept on telling me she hadn’t given it to him yet. Eventually, she ended up telling me that her son competes in tournaments for Super Mario Smash Bros and that she was going to give it to him right before his tournament for good luck. The week after his tournament when she came in I asked her what her son thought of the beanie. She told me he loved it and wore it all day long and that all the other kids loved it as well. She made a point of letting me know that she was going to come up with more ideas for beanies for me to crochet. After a month or so I wasn’t worried about whether she was going to come in with some new idea for me or not. Then out of the blue she shows up one day asking me if I could crochet a Captain Falcon beanie. What??? Again she had to show me a picture, I am not a video gamer so when she asked me for these I had no clue. After she showed me the picture I wasn’t quite sure I would be able to make it. I told her to let me go home and do some more research to see if it is something I would be able to do.

I went home that day and did some more research on the character. I figured out what colors I would need and how I would crochet the beanie to look like a helmet. The part I wasn’t sure on was the falcon logo, I knew the only way I was going to get that done was if I cut it out of felt. There is too much detail that trying to crochet the falcon would make it look really cheesy. The next time I saw the customer I asked her if she was alright with me cutting the falcon logo out of felt. At first she kind of laughed, because she thought it was obvious that it was going to be made out of felt. Now that all of that was out of the way, I could start crocheting the beanie. I made the beanie red like the helmet, she also wanted ear flaps, so the ear flaps were red as well. To give it the effect of the yellow domes on the helmet, I crocheted yellow circles to put on the ear flaps. For me to make the falcon and give it all the details the falcon has I used a fabric marker to sketch it out and draw on the felt for the details. I put it all together and showed it to the customer, she was just as much in love with this one as she was the first one. She again paid me more than I asked her for, but at this point I knew there was no arguing with her. About a week later she came back in a said her son loved this new beanie even more than the first one I crocheted.

She says she is going to think of more ideas for me to crochet and I will keep you updated on the projects she gives me. Make sure to follow my blog for an exclusive coupon for my Etsy site. Also like my Facebook page for other exclusive offers and updates.

To purchase any of these items go to my Etsy site or click on the photos above.

Gotta keep those nerd hands warm with crocheted cup gloves!

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After I attended Salt Lake Comic Con last September I knew I wanted to attend and sell at Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience this upcoming weekend. As I was preparing for this event my daughter told me I needed to have a few different items with different prices, making it easier for kids to purchase my items at Comic Con. I had searched all over Pinterest for more crochet ideas and I finally came across some cute crocheted cup cozies, I call them cup gloves. I found so many different styles and so many different fandoms represented by these cup gloves I knew this was something I was going to have to try. The first few that I had found were Minions, Captain America, Yoda, and R2D2. I then took a look at all the different beanies I had crocheted and tried to decide which ones could be turned into a cup glove. I decided I would be able to turn my Batman and Deadpool beanies into cup gloves as well.

File_000 (1)

Even though this was the first time I had crocheted one of these cup gloves I finished it in about 20 minutes compared to the hour it takes me to finish the basic beanie. After I finished crocheting the cup glove, I needed to decide how I was going to make the eye: was I going to crochet it, just like the beanie, or cut it out of felt. I as leaning towards felt so that the cup glove would be flatter. After some pondering I decided I needed to crochet it the same as the beanie, this would give the cup glove more of the same look as an actual Minion and be comparable to the beanie.

Since I love Batman so much I knew I had to crochet a Batman one as well. This was even easier than the Minion one because it is all one color so I didn’t have to switch colors. I knew that the only way I was going to get the Batman logo onto the cup glove was by cutting it out of felt, there was no option to crochet this one. Now, I just had to decide which logo to use. I wasn’t exactly sure if I should do the classic batman logo with the rounded wings, the newer logo where the wings are higher and rounded, or the newest logo where it is straight and pointed. I finally decided I was going to use the logo where the Batman logo is straight and pointed. I cut the logo out of yellow felt and glued it onto the black cup glove.

The next one that I made was a Captain America one. Again, this one was easy because it was all one color. When it came to me making the shield I had to decide if I would be able to crochet part of it and use felt on the rest of it. With how many layers that are part of the shield I decided it would be too thick if I decided to crochet it.


The last one I have made is the Deadpool one. With Deadpool being so popular, even before the movie came out and even more popular now, I kept getting told by my kids I had to crochet a Deadpool beanie. The beanie seemed simple enough that I figured I would be able to crochet a cup glove as well. The eyes were the most difficult to make. I tried to make them as accurate as possible, I tried to get the angles just like the movie. At first I decided I was going to leave the eyes just black, because of how small the black oval was. However, I decided to cut out a pair of eye holes to see how it would look like. Temporarily placing the eye holes on the cup glove gave it a completed look and added what seemed to be missing by the rest of my family.

I have also started to make an R2D2 cup glove as well. I have finished the glove part, but am still trying to figure out how to make all the different pieces that need to be attached. Other cup gloves I am thinking about making are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Creeper, and Super Mario Smash Bros. These are all beanies that I have made that would be an easy translation into a cup glove. I am really excited to make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cup glove with the little mask that would encompass the cup.

If you have any more ideas for cup gloves leave them in the comments. Make sure to visit my Etsy site to purchase any of these items listed here. Subscribe to my blog for a coupon for my Etsy site. Also like my Facebook page for exclusive updates and coupons.

If you happen to be in the Utah area this weekend and going to Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience make sure to check me out at booth Purple 5.